(Mile)stones or pebbles, cherish them all…

Relationship milestones are always special. Particularly the big ones like the first date, the first birthday, the first anniversary, engagement, marriage et. al. But there are many small relationship milestones which do not get due attention and credit they deserve.

There can be many, but the value of a few listed below should never be discounted. For example, the first time someone gets emotional and as a result vulnerable, it’s something really beautiful to treasure. At the onset of a relationship, nobody likes to reveal their emotional side too much. But certain situations solicit display of certain emotions. When a person gets emotional, it reflects their closeness towards their partner. One should never underestimate the significance of such a milestone.

Given the technology driven times of today, when a person posts a picture together as a couple for the first time, it is very special. It may seem casual, if the relationship is perceived as one, but posting a picture certainly showcases some seriousness about the relationship. A small milestone which says a lot. Also, a video-call made first time is something special to remember.

Another small but important milestone would be when one is introduced to one’s partner’s inner circle of family or friends. With this, one can see one’s relationship going to another level. Celebrate the milestone.

The first time one receives a gift or flowers from one’s significant other without an occasion can create a memory to last a lifetime. It’s beautiful to experience a milestone so small yet meaningful enough to create a lasting happiness.

While the bigger milestones hog all the attention, the smaller ones discussed above shouldn’t be ignored. A relationship is a sum of big and small. More the merrier – nurture your relationship by going that extra mile to create milestones which make you smile.