Month: January 2016

WhatsApp calling

My client couple is plagued by a problem faced by many in today’s super technological times. The wife is continuously on WhatsApp. The husband feels neglected and suspects she is having an affair. He keeps checking her ‘online’ status making him ‘online’ all the time too, only for the wife to fear that he is …

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Warm heart but cold feet

Unresolvable differences between a couple ‘living –in’ together for nine years approached me. While the lady wanted to take the relationship to the next level by getting married, the man was not yet ready to commit. Both in their late thirties – the woman was worried about her ticking biological clock almost resembling a time …

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Match making in an online world

How does one compare the success ratio of love vis a vis an arranged marriage? A difficult proposition indeed! Although the ‘kind’ of marriage has nothing to do with its success, the number of avenues open for people to access potential/prospective alliance these days is astounding. Conventionally arranged marriages worked through families and friends – …

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