Intimacy – Physical or Virtual???

A recent debate on the importance of physical intimacy in a marriage by some experts from the fraternity had an interesting outflow of perspectives. A couple of decades ago, this topic would have been frowned upon. A given in any marriage, why the debate??? Technology infused times have imbued a lot of unthinkable dimensions to the human behaviour. The result – a paradigm shift in the overall human lifestyle, including sex.

So, when we talk about technology having leapfrogged in the last two decades, increasing and improving communication world wide – could we dream of speaking to a family or friend abroad every day? Could we think of connecting through updates and text messages all through the day that too with someone thousands of miles away? But the downside of it all is the technological invasion eroding relationships while facilitating virtual ones. What can one say about the growing expertise of keeping our loved family members at bay while striving to increase the proximity with someone far away?

One tends to really wonder at the need of having a partner to satiate one’s physical and emotional needs, thanks to the inexhaustible internet medium. Disclaimer – partner required only till the initial attraction and stimulation wear off.  Internet support services always available to fall back upon.

There are innumerable reports which throw light on the diminishing sexual interactions between couples. While technology is one main aspect we can attribute it to, what are the other reasons for this decline? An open and permissive society plays a major role. Although limited to urban areas, especially metropolitan cities, premarital sex is a definite reason. Although I am in favour of it (no compatibility issues later on creating problems in a marriage), but only up to a limit. After all you don’t want to reveal all your cards and be left with nothing for one of the most important relationships of your life. The initial aura, newness and attraction can only lead to demystification if indulged in for too long and too before.

Again, statistics say, the problem is not as prevalent in rural areas or smaller towns. Simple life certainly being the recipe for success. These are the people who are not privileged enough to enjoy glitch free internet or other technology offerings. They continue to feed their basic instincts in many normal ways than one.

Multiple partners have changed the complexities of intimacy too. Novelty and variety threaten the physical association if carried on beyond a certain period of time.  A single partner in a marriage ought to create monotony and boredom. One is not used to just one person catering to our unfulfilled needs.

Physical intimacy is the foundation of any strong marriage.  Especially in a country like ours, it’s one of the main reasons for people to get married. A social obligation necessary to surpass the threshold of intimacy. The closeness it produces is incomparable. Once you realise, you won’t need to scramble through your technology devices to forge a virtual relationship. Experience it and you will be touched – well, literally and figuratively.