How truly do you represent your relationship?

Grass is greener on the other side of the fence and so is someone’s else’s marriage. Yardstick – the social media. FB pictures, WhatsApp display pictures, status messages are some common avenues to represent a ‘certain’ kind of marital success. Such virtual representation is driven by a need to induce a certain kind of image about the relationship. With an intention to draw a specific perception, people are usually successful in doing so.

Relationships can never be gauged by the outside world. The couple equation and dynamics have nothing to do with what is deliberately depicted to mislead people. Genuine couples don’t need extra efforts. They are happy in their own space and don’t appreciate any infringement on that space.

Then why do some couples try to deceive others about their relationship? With reasons galore, a certain psychology works behind their motive. First and foremost, when a marriage is beheld as the only source to drive away all the internal inadequacies, a false reality is formulated. It’s as if one’s identity rests on the marriage. One is gripped by the marriage and obsessed with one’s partner. In the process, the person is not only fooling the world but also him/herself.

An ulterior motive – a motive to showcase ‘something’ to ‘someone’ is another reason to flaunt one’s relationship. Human mind and its many calculations.

Last but not the least, when a person tries to generate a particular feeling in others about themselves, they try to fabricate the interpretation through virtual social platforms. This feeling is a result of some deep-seated complexes within oneself. I vividly remember seeing a couple which had massive differences in terms of social media usage. The wife would calculatedly create situations facilitating picture opportunities for the consumption of her FB friends. While the husband was totally against it, she managed to continue with the practice. During the course of the therapy it was found that she had a split personality, and she used her FB posts and pictures as a shield against her manic-depressive disorder. It became her regular coping mechanism.

Instead of depicting a wrong reality why not work on it to make it right? You don’t need any social media for your right relationship to flourish. All you need is some tender loving care to make it grow from strength to strength – to get the perfect wavelength!!!!