Do you think your partner is being difficult?

Do you think your partner is difficult? Let’s find if you are correct in your analysis about him/her.

Not getting along with your partner can be painful. Especially after having spent some wonderful time together. Do you feel totally clueless about how to fix your relationship? Blaming your partner for bringing so much grief to you and your relationship is normal and easy. But is that helping? If not, you need to change your approach. How about shifting the focus within and trying to analyse the problem? I am sure you will get some headway.

Do you think things have changed of late because you want something from the relationship which you are not ready to disclose? Are you keeping a secret from your partner because you think it would either hurt or hamper your relationship? Holding back needs, emotions, feelings or a truth – as bitter as it may be, can make both of you to feel on the fence and unsettled. Over time it can lead to distance and difficulties in connecting organically. Authentic and open communication is the basis of a thriving relationship. so, ask yourself, if you are holding back something, which your partner has a sixth sense about.

Another reason why a relationship can go sour is because you don’t pay enough attention to your own feelings. How do you feel right now? What causes those feelings?  People most often try and avoid embracing their feelings by distracting themselves.  Unless you get to the root of your feelings and how to express those feelings to your loved one, you will never be true to yourself, your partner and your relationship. Accept your feelings – warts and all.

When you take responsibility for your feelings and needs, you create an equal playing field. Relationships can be in harmony only among equals. Anything else becomes a power struggle. Break your patterns of blocked emotions and uncover your hidden emotions to restore your relationship.  Only if you can understand yourself fully you can manage the conflicts in your relationship.

Learn to identify what you are feeling and what you need to express to yourself. Once you make these shifts, you will experience a better relationship – provided you are honest about your feelings and emotions to yourself. Based on your feelings, you will be able to reconnect with your partner effortlessly and honestly.

Next time you blame your partner, I am sure your analysis will tell you otherwise.