Are you healthy, emotionally?

Emotional health is underestimated universally. It is the basis of mental health. Are you struggling to express? Do you repress your emotions? A balanced emotional state is the key to peace and happiness. And that key lies with you and no one else. Sagarika Shah, Co-founder, Psychologist and Relationship Therapist, Thought Counsel is here to share her insights on mental wellness and relationships.

Life is an ocean of waves – a sum of ups and downs. An emotional healthy person will be able to surf through life without getting creamed by a huge, emotionally upsetting wave.

Some people are skilled at steering these complex emotions while others struggle expressing their emotions in a healthy way.

The way one processes emotions depends on the way one is conditioned from childhood.  A person who is used to supressing emotions is not as emotionally healthy as someone who is vulnerable enough to express freely.

People lacking in emotional health show signs of stress easily. It doesn’t take time for them to snap at those around them – it’s as if anger is a part of their coping mechanism. According to the world health organization, low rates of emotional health are directly linked to depression. Repression of emotions has a direct impact on physical and mental health. People who keep disruptive emotions to themselves or those who have distorted ways to express, end up compromising with their wellbeing.

Emotional health is the person’s ability to accept and manage feelings through challenge and change. Emotionally healthy people deal with their emotions objectively. They do so by practising responses rather than reactions. If a boyfriend gets angry about something and yells at his girlfriend saying, “ I want to break up, an emotionally incompetent girlfriend would react saying, “lets break up now, what are you waiting for.” While an emotionally competent girlfriend would respond by saying, “you seem angry right now and I don’t want to argue. Let’s talk about this when you are calmer.” An emotionally unhealthy person would be intimidated easily whereas an emotionally healthy person would be unfazed and be confident about dealing with any kind of eventuality, even if it means breaking up or patching up.

Regardless of how you have been conditioned from your childhood, you can always re learn to express your emotions in a healthy way and thus gain emotional health. The first step towards emotional health is accepting the fact that you need help with your emotions. You can help yourself or seek help from an expert to express effectively. Expression of emotions is like a muscle which can be strengthened anytime you decide. Practising the ability to put words into your emotions will help you release your emotions. It’s a skill which can be gradually developed.