Time – yours nor mine…


Super-fast technology is responsible for lightning speed of communication. Accurate and seamless to the core. Despite snail mails being replaced by speedy emails, people are struggling to race against time, an irony indeed! Where does the time saved from writing, sealing and posting, go? Fewer visits to the post office or to the letter drop box –and still struggling with less time than more. Courtesy smart phones, the process of emailing has become so much easier and quicker. Accessing various social media platforms again is a breeze through the very same device. Why then the dearth of some extra time? Well, football matches are definitely more generous in providing some.


Sardonically, notwithstanding the technological advancement, times are getting busier and the pace of life getting speedier. In today’s busy world it’s easy to get lost in the schedule, run to the clock, spend day after day trying to catch-up to the fast moving list of activities that need to be done just to get through the day. It’s easy to lose touch with your loved ones, with the ones that matter, trying to ensure the bills are paid on time. We all realise that this impacts relationships but not many of us do a lot to change that.


Try taking a break for a day, just switch things off, unplug that router or get away on a mini-break with your loved one and see the pleasure ripples spread for the few weeks. Breaking the mundane, doesn’t only rejuvenate the relationship, it shows you care and what’s important is just not the promotion you’ve been working so hard for. This enables your loved one to realise that he/she’s not the second best and isn’t there as a filler to your day. Your partner very much a part of your life as much as your job and friends are.


A tall order to break free? I bet not. Unless it has become an addiction and a personal hazard. Detoxing yourself from the daily rut of unnecessary communication can prove to be extremely effective in improving your personal relationships. Again selective communication instead of compulsive communication can be very helpful.


It’s like quick sand. Once you get into it, coming out is extremely chancy. One may not realize it now, but it can get from bad to worse. Initial harmless usage to obsessiveness and dependence can not only ruin you but your relationships with your loved ones too.


Research says it takes about twenty one days to form a new habit. So it simply stands to reason that people who want to develop a new habit or replace an old one must at least practice for twenty one days if they are to be successful. Please try to de addict yourself from your biggest friend turned foe – your smart phone. Apart from the physiological damage it can cause in terms of life threating radiation, infliction of mental harm is much more. Gauge your relationship now and and see the difference post your detoxification.


The same phone you used to connect the maximum with your beloved once upon a time is not being used to keep away from him or her. Has it served its purpose? I hope not.