Ought to manage your thought(s)

Why do some people tend to overthink and some not think at all? What can such extremes tell about these over and under thinkers?  Again the fact that there are thoughts in the mind doesn’t mean one is thinking. The two though interrelated are still mutually exclusive of each other.

Human beings on an average have about seventy thousand thoughts in a day. Regardless of what these thoughts are, the important thing is how these are managed. Thought management is extremely important to make or mar one’s self or life. If the art to manage one’s thoughts is learnt, one can deal with any eventualities of life. And being from Thought Counsel, I can vouch for this.

The first step towards thought management is observing one’s thoughts without judging them. Let them flow like a river. Thoughts are the seeds to any form of work. For example, if a person is doing extremely well professionally in a certain field, it must have started with a thought. Thoughts give artists their form of expression. So thoughts are very important. The art lies in differentiating between which ones to encourage and which ones to ignore. There are people who say they have left the task of thinking to others. But is that actually possible? Neither possible nor plausible for without thoughts we would be mere robots.

Thought management should be taught from childhood. If children master this skill, they can beautifully handle the challenges of life at any stage. Unfortunately a concept not too deeply delved into by schools and educators.

Thoughts are directly visible in one’s eyes. They can be read by the other person. So learning to think positive rather than negative can say a whole lot. With innumerable difficulties in life, it sometimes becomes difficult to cope. But with proper thought management one can always reason with these two options available at any given time: either give up and accept your defeat (towards anything) or never give up on your problems and face them to come out of them. Let your thoughts become your gateway to success and happiness.

There are people who have no control over their thoughts. They would be exuberant in a given moment, grumpy in the very next one. Tolerant at times, intolerant at many other times. All these people need is a lesson in thought management. After all, thoughts are lots, but if managed well from adults to tiny tots, life can have no dots – pots  of happiness all along…