Like a kite, let your relationship soar high

Today being Uttrayan, I can’t help comparing relationships to kites. Strong and sturdy relationships like kites go a long way.  Just as a good kite can sustain a string battle, so can relationships. They are never threatened by external factors. Right dimensions make a good kite and the same applies to relationships. There’s something about kites which makes them appear free spirited, bright and happy. Relationships need to be similar – gliding happily and effortlessly.

Efforts on part of both partners keep a relationship going. But if it requires constant efforts, its not worth it. Any budding relationship goes through teething troubles. But once that is sorted, intermittent fine tuning is enough for it to function smoothly.  Continuous hard work saps the energy levels of persons involved. Any bond which is mentally draining is a sign of toxicity. Couples generally take a few years to understand each other. But thereafter, if one still must be mindful of putting in energies for its survival, it certainly is a toxic one. Relationships are never easy. The point here is, working towards it continuously will not only corrode it but also corrode the couple and their wellbeing. I am neither encouraging passivity nor inviting complacence but only driving home the fact that right efforts at the right time to make a relationship right should be the order of the day.

The essence of Uttrayan is to be altruistic. If every couple imbibes being altruistic – well, not in its literal sense, but by being overtly generous, this generosity can help them scale great heights together. By putting the partner first, one can be generous. By forgiving one’s partner one can be generous. By adjusting and compromising sometimes, one can be generous. By merely ‘letting go’ one can be generous. Pinning down one’s ego, being large hearted, accepting one’s partner as is and being empathetic are all deeds of generosity. Generosity is a subset of kindness. Being kind never hurts. Practising kindness in all walks of life can be life changing. Any relationship can blossom on the basis of kindness and generosity even with other elements missing.

I earnestly hope you make your relationship as lovely as this festival today. While you soar high with free spirit, kindness and generosity, let the bad elements exploiting your relationship go fly a kite too. Happy Makar Sankranti!!