Less Logic – More Magic

Have you ever met someone whom you have barely known or is unknown and the bond you share instantly can be beyond reason? It’s all about connect. We connect with different people at different levels. And this kind of connection is rather rare. It could be the result of words spoken or unspoken or maybe just an unplanned act or an unintentional deed. But the connection is altogether distinct and different and can last a life time. This could be between two friends, partners, acquaintance, family or some total stranger.

How does this work? Is it the chemistry? There are hundreds of people you interact with. But why does this one single person touch your heart? The association is magical. Someone you have never dreamt of interacting with, becomes a part of your life. Someone whom you would cherish a life time. No justification or explanation can solve this mystical connect. And everybody experiences it at some point in their lives. Never a result of one’s expectations, it happens very unexpectedly. It is beyond one’s imagination. Maybe some karmic link or a result of fate bringing two individuals together. Merely proving how people come into our lives for a ‘reason, season or lifetime’ to the hilt. Such relations may or may not last forever. But leaves a very strong imprint on the mind, a big impact on the heart and a mark on one’s soul.

Not necessarily a romantic liaison, this rare connect can be platonic too. The mask of the unknown slowly falls off, transforming the initial unknown aura into a beautiful familiarity growing every minute. The person becomes so ingrained in our life leaving us marvel at how we dealt with his/her absence for so long. What you don’t have, you don’t miss. But after having it, it almost becomes impossible to think of a life without this person.  The cascading effect it has on all the other aspects of life is phenomenal. The contentment and fulfilment oozing from this union rubs on to the other areas of life, making it so much easier to deal with the negatives and difficulties. You don’t need any wifi to connect with this special person. If sometimes logical, but magical always…