Is divorce a permanent solution to a temporary problem??

Debates on whether a divorce is the correct solution to a marital problem has been on for a long time. Usually an average, educated, common urban person going through a turmoil in one’s marriage will tend to side with divorce and the so called fringe benefits. As much as it is dependent upon the nature of the conflict in a marriage, it has been proved that a lot of marriages can be salvaged with the correct approach towards making it work. Of course, there are exceptional marriages which are better off being called off then worked on. But those would include only a minuscule percent of the population.

Conflict resolution techniques and acquisition of necessary skillsets to deal with a difficult marriage can certainly act as a magical wand. Different techniques of conflict resolution is something which would require seeking professional expertise, but the required skillsets is something which can certainly be imbibed by couples with a positive frame of mind. ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ just cannot go wrong here. If a couple decides to remain married and committed to a lifelong relationship, there are ways innumerable to make it work. Failure to acquire the relevant skills for a marriage should not lead to dejection. There are very many skills which work differently for different people. Universal skills being the same, there are certain characteristics which can be identified better by an expert dealing with relationship issues. Common skills ranging from maturity – emotional and financial to effective communication in married couples to slightly complex ones like emotional equilibrium, cultural balancing, realistic goal setting etc. can be an elixir in most of the cases.

Seeing a relationship expert is no longer a taboo especially in Asian countries . People are following the west not just in terms of having fragile marriages but also in terms of making it work through counsellors and relationship therapists. More and more people are seeking professional advice on numerous life challenging situations. Marriage counselling is just one of them. If couples continue living in a marriage based on what made them get into a it in the first place, can definitely play a pivotal role in helping it last for ever. But then nothing lasts for ever, so why not make the most while it lasts…..