Ditch the itch

Seven-year itch is passé. What followed was a three-year itch. Needless to say, that too is obsolete. As if the six-month itch was not enough, the latest is a three-month itch. Years have turned to months and do I dare say it can turn into weeks??? Well, I certainly hope not. The rate at which things are going, one never knows how soon the institution can become redundant.

Why does a marriage have to be an eye opener for a relationship? May be because one didn’t get to know one’s partner before tying the knot. Also, the ‘love is blind’ syndrome can make one overlook a lot of aspects leading to unpleasant revelations. Could it be the familiarity, the taken for granted attitude or the demystification of too many facets in a marriage? As I mentioned last week, too much too soon even in a marriage like in a relationship can act as a spoilsport.

Every relationship goes through a cycle of stages which become impossible to skip. Each stage comes with its own share of charm. Fundamentally, the relationship should keep growing with time. Why do couples find it difficult to feel the same way about a marriage as they once did? Changes in a relationship are inevitable. And surpassing certain stages in a marriage cycle unavoidable. Analogy of a plant suits this aspect the best. The more we nurture it, the better it grows. Physical love grows into emotional love over a period of time, public display of affections converts to silent communication patterns, meant to be understood only by the partners.

Nothing can be more beautiful that growing with your partner not just chronologically but also as a person. Mentally stimulating marriages unlike physically stimulating ones for a short period are a product of long years of togetherness.

Why not make the institution of marriage itch free and convert blissful days into weeks and months of romance, to years of love and affection? Accept, agree and act that your marriage will change each day – but for the better. Just because the newness has worn off, doesn’t mean the entire marriage is down in the dumps. My young reader couples of today!!!!! Make your marriage the envy of the world. Don’t bitch about your marriage/partner and ditch the itch. Marriage mein kheech kheech…. Unfortunately, no vicks ki goli helps.