Break-up or Break-down?

Ups and downs are a part of life. But when prefixed by a ‘break’, it’s generally all ‘down’ and never ‘up’ for most people in general. Unless, of course its breakfast!!! Breakups are always painful. But then, one wonders at the universal recourse to them by people all over the world.

Breakups shouldn’t be destructive, painful experiences. Rather seen as an opportunity to make a breakthrough to transform one’s life. This can be achieved by translating emotional pain into conscious heart healing and rediscovering joy. The trend is fast changing. The latest being ‘conscious uncoupling’. One can’t help thinking about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin here. A proven process to complete a loving relationship that will leave you feeling whole and healed and at peace. Doesn’t this sound very amiable?

A one-sided breakup can certainly create an undesirable circumstance. But when the decision is mutual, it can be difficult but never adverse. The right skills to deal with this setback is the key to a positive culmination.

Putting up with the unpleasant beyond tolerance is much worse than the actual break-up. It indeed is a big price to pay for the freedom in lieu, but it is all worth it. Every soured relationship leaves a mark on the persona in the form of memories – bitter and sweet.  The latter should always be cherished despite the limited shelf life. And what better teachers than the former?

Human tendency to put up with irreconcilable, thanks to the fear of the unknown ahead, hinders the actual process of disunion. It only looks impossible until it is done.

Transition is temporary. Time the best healer. Don’t stay in a dead relationship. Move on – thumbs up to an inevitable break-up.  Head up, chin up and cheer up. Please do not breakdown. You are not an automobile!!!!!!