Distance means so little, just because you mean so much…


The song “Postman” from the album Carpenters reminds me how the dynamics of relationships have changed in the last few decades. The days of waiting for a card or a letter from one’s loved one feels so ancient. Love letter – a concept much forgotten.

There was a time when geographical distance between partners almost meant the end of the world. Weeping buckets was the only reaction for these ‘Romeos and Juliets’. Separation was tantamount to emotional upheaval. Times have leapfrogged from then to now. Distance is hardly a factor disconcerting.

Couples who are married in a long distance relationship have less to complain as well. Video/voice chatting through various internet platforms makes it possible to be a constant part of each other’s lives. Of course nothing compares to physically living together. But in concurrence with today’s changing times, when living together may not always be feasible, keeping connected with one’s children and spouse in real time is as much a possibility as convenience, due to technology unlimited.

‘Distance makes the hearts grow fonder’ and ‘out of sight is out of mind’ are no longer conflicting. It is almost impossible to forget someone across miles.

Regardless of the age and stage of one’s life, one cannot deny the benefits of a long distance relationship. It is stimulating to have time and space to breathe, to develop one’s own interests and focus on one’s self while being connected with one’s partner. To maintain a healthy relationship all one needs is to have regular communication with one’s loved one, lots of trust, common interests and the most important ingredient ‘love’. Limited time together leaves hardly any room for conflicts. Instead, the time is well spent on exploring each other no matter how long the relationship – you never get enough of each other. No scope for demystification. The attraction never wears off.

A life partner is someone who comes to share your life and not to become your life. A soulmate despite the distance brings incredible ease, stability and comfort; keeping demands, control and insecurities at bay. The boundaries of distance have melted. So, please don’t measure the distance but measure the love… it will take you that extra mile…