Are you growing after growing up?

Growth and development from Infancy to adulthood is not only tangible but very rapid, specifically in the first fifteen years.  Every month sees an upward trend in the progress pattern. While not much can be done about the stagnation of physical growth after a certain age (weight remaining the only variable), mental growth also tends to stagnate. Our own doing.

For some reason, adulthood seems to give adults the leverage to take it easy. The intensity of learning or imbibing loses its intensity. The amount of learning as a child or a teenager is much more that what we learn as adults.  We somehow lose the drive to motivate ourselves into learning more once we grow up. The cliched quotes on learning being a life long process et. al lose its appeal to some extent.  Seldom do we realize the price we pay – particularly in our relationships. So once hitched, a couple unfortunately go the same way. Any relationship at inception is on an excellent wicket but fails to remain the same as it ages. While one cannot defy the cyclical law of relationships, one can certainly continue to make it better, regardless of its age or stage.

Relationships being the biggest indicator of human happiness, can never go wrong if we remain invested in it. All it needs is some TLC. Just as one can continue to grow as an individual at every stage of life; if one decides to, one can grow in relationships too. But the sad reality is, instead of progressing, people regress. We all start behaving like children – sulk, cry, scream, shout. Its not common to see couples living peacefully together any more. A famous actress recently commented on the institution of marriage saying she’s yet to come across a happily married man. Why have people started looking down upon this institution? Why is it believed to become defunct over a period of time? The answer lies within us. We are responsible for this mislabelled sacrosanct institution.

If we decide to continue to grow and develop mentally (physically fit is a given), we will equip ourselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to live in harmony. With growth comes maturity. Maturity to behave, get along, respond, cope, adjust and adapt to the changing situations of life. Hope we all continue to grow even if we have grown up.