A word to the wise…

A kind word said is a kind word heard. Words are powerful beyond imagination. They have the power to carry a world in them. Then why do people shoot through their mouths and let the words off like an arrow from a bow? Just like an arrow cannot be retracted, neither can words be, unless it is a text (with the latest retraction feature) sent from a cell phone.

It may sound inconsequential but words can influence one and all. A verbal abuse can be a big deterrent in nurturing relationships. On the other side, words of kindness can last beyond time. What goes around comes around. Words spoken by us can come back to us in due time – the butterfly effect!

No one can escape the consequences of one’s actions or words. The butterfly effect which scientifically states the influence of the smallest of things can set off a huge change. One may not realize the ripple effect it creates. But even an iota of good act through deeds or words can either haunt you or hail you. If you look back and think, there would be people with whom you have been good or kind in the past and they end up reciprocating your goodness in a way you never expected. Similarly, having taken someone for granted, talked or dealt with derogatorily and ridiculed can come back to ruffle you if not shuffle you.

People with a lot of negativity especially towards others can only harm themselves. Their jealousies, complexes, hurtful words would result in stirring more negativity within themselves, harming themselves more than anyone else. Why can’t people be good to others? From my personal experience, I have realized that despite going out of one’s way for certain people, they never change. The more you are nice, the more they are not nice. I would never recommend to reciprocate their negativity. Just keep away from them. Distance is the only remedy. Please don’t even try to touch them with a barge pole.

Is it really difficult to contain one’s negative feelings? Feelings like jealousies and resultant verbal outbreak are signs of inadequacy in that person. The person has no self-confidence and gets into a comparison mode immediately upon finding someone with something different or better. If one doesn’t learn the art of controlling these tendencies, it can be detrimental and how!!!!

Unfortunately there are many people who do not think before they speak. And we can only blame their lack of listening skills for this. Good listeners are always sensible talkers. They know what to speak when, where and how. Traits like sensitivity and empathy require one to think from other’s perspective. Quite a task for people full of themselves. A word to the wise – utter not to butter or batter to people who matter…