A word to the (wise) existing and aspiring parents

Parenthood for some is about following a protocol to have children within a certain time frame of marriage.  Supreme contentment follows a child’s birth. Culmination of one yet beginning of another phase.

Parenthood is all about patience. Do you have the patience to deal with your child? Do you have the ability to understand their emotions? Is their bringing up healthy? To answer these questions, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First and foremost, we owe everything to the child because we bring them into this world. There are many couples who decide not to have children. Fair enough. But for those who wish otherwise, it is your responsibility to give them a healthy and a happy life.

Losing it on a kid at the drop of a hat, whatever the reason is never the right approach. To make them emotionally and physically stable, it becomes imperative to deal with them softly – without being angry, critical, resentful or stern. Children always imbibe what they observe. Hence you need to check your behaviour. If you are on your cell phone all the time, don’t expect your children to be away from it. Again watching television and hoping they don’t follow suit is being unrealistic, especially if you want them to emulate you. Parents don’t think twice before reacting to situations. Throwing a temper tantrum, withdrawing, turning cold, sulking, wearing a long face are some very common adult behavioural patterns in quite a few households. This is mainly done to prove a point without realizing you are only proving to be a weak and an unstable person. Why would you want your children to learn such behaviour? And when they resort to the same behaviour, the child is reproached. Never have double standards. What’s not acceptable to you cannot be expected to be acceptable to them.

I see so many couples fighting in front of their kids. Do they ever realize what scars a martial turmoil can leave on such tender minds? Instead of having children just to fulfil a social obligation, please check your emotional maturity to check your ability to bring them up. If you can’t give them the best of you, parenthood is meaningless. Give meaning to your child’s life by being exemplary parents. Can I have your word on it?