A key to a happy relationship – balanced emotional parameters

Are you fed up with yours partner’s emotional outbursts? Do you feel drained fixing your relationship? Are you constantly striving to stay afloat in your relationship? This episode will guide you to transform your relationship drastically. Sagarika Shah, Co-founder, Psychologist and Relationship Therapist, Thought Counsel is here to share her insights on mental wellness and relationships. sagarika@thoughtcounsel.com https://www.thoughtcounsel.com

Do you experience a lot of drama in your relationship? does your partner throw you off balance as far as the reactions are concerned? Do they over react at the drop of a hat? This is Sagarika shah and welcome to another episode on happiness and relationships. Today I’m going to talk about a very important skill which can transform your relationship completely.

The best predictor of whether y relationship will last or not depends on the emotional parameter that both partners possess. When you cannot regulate your emotions, and everything becomes an issue, you are creating a lot of drama in the relationship unnecessarily. It equally hard to be in a relationship with someone who overreacts to almost anything and everything and you are left wondering what’s going to make them set off again. Its just impossible to figure what the emotional trigger is. it could be something insignificant or inconsequential. When you must constantly weigh each word that you say out of mere fear that your partner would blow up at you, the emotional parameter needs to be in place.

Having an emotional parameter would set your boundaries to regulate your emotions in a way that would create space between your feelings and your responses. How to respond because of your feelings resulting from strong emotions, is a skill you need to learn.

how do you develop your emotional parameter? Its very simple. All you need to do is ask yourself, if you can make your emotions stronger, why can’t you make it weaker? The key lies in your hands. You can in fact get rid of your unwanted emotions. First and foremost, by taking responsibility for your emotions, you get a step closer to achieving your emotional parameter. By taking a few seconds, say about 10, to respond can change the tone of your emotions. The ability to give and receive feedback on each other’s responses/over reactions is another way to stabilise the emotions – provided both the partners are open to criticism. After all you can’t really crib about your partner’s behaviour by saying why do you always create a drama? There are high chances of him/her becoming defensive. Many times, a heart to heart conversation also doesn’t work. By paying attention to your emotions and reactions, you can influence your partner so that they become receptive to change.

It doesn’t really matter if you have wasted months or years over your partner’s emotional outburst. But you can wake up to a brand new relationship if you choose to develop a strong emotional parameter which can guide you to respond and behave in a way that would give you a good chance of getting closer to your partner for ever. So, what are you waiting for? Please write to me on    and tell me what your emotional parameter is?