You don’t need a binocular to see if you are similar

The latest research shows similarity with your partner can affect your mental wellbeing and in turn your happiness. For ages, psychologists have debated about the benefits of similarity. It has finally been proved that the more similar you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the same pursuits, ideals and attitude. Most importantly, ‘agreeableness’ seems to rule the roost. When both partners are more agreeable about things in general, they are more likely to gel well.

Couples tend to be happier if they have more agreeable, meticulous and less anxious personalities. Following such similarities come the trait of empathy. Similar empathy breeds more trust in the partner – an ideal way to feel supported in a relationship. Openness is another trait associated with it. Couples are happier when they both give equal weightage to being free and independent minded.

Sharing the same chronotype – whether you are a morning, or an evening person may be underestimated, but similarity here leads to a satisfied sexual compatibility. Also, the political and religious views held can make or mar a relationship. Basis all these similarities, you develop a shared identity which is the benchmark of relationship success.

Similarity is important not just to make the relationship last but also to help couples solve marital distress in a balanced way. It makes a couple feel more confident and less insecure about each other and their marriage. You will be able to beautifully share your similarities and celebrate your differences.

Not all individuals are similar. A husband and wife are not siblings and may not be fortunate enough to share the high level of similarity required for the wellbeing of their marriage. But you can certainly manage to achieve a form of companionship in which you feel as if you and your partner have become one in terms of values and traits. With this oneness, differences will take a backseat. There is no similarity rule that applies to all, but since its concluded that partner similarity does matter in relationships, it is important we all strive towards achieving it – partly if not fully. After all, something is better than nothing. Similarities should direct the compass of attraction. Next time you look at a prospective partner, see how similar you are. And, if opposites attract, you know it doesn’t sound familiar or should I say similar?