You can make a difference to yourself and others

To love and be loved are basic human needs. Unfortunately, not all relationships take care of these needs. People across the globe have been deprived of the love they deserve – thanks to the wrong relationships, particularly a wrong marriage. Since love is not just an emotion but a brain process, the feeling it creates is second to none. Can’t underestimate its importance for the wellbeing of a person. Technology driven times have made the situation worse.

A recent service started by an agency in the city lends pets on rent for a few hours. People can cuddle and care for these pets and thus gratify their need to love. A venture commercially and emotionally viable for people who subscribe to it, is certainly not fair on the pets. Animals are one of the most loving creatures. Unlike human beings, their love is unconditional. But according to me the very idea of loving them temporarily by different and multiple individuals would be harassment. Unlike human beings they do not have the ability to comprehend such variances of different people hiring them briefly. To be treated differently by different individuals would be unnerving. I am not here to advocate an anti-cruelty cause. I just feel, there can be other ways to satiate one’s needs leaving our dear animal friends alone.

Instead of animals, why can’t we express our love to people who need it more? Not to say, animals don’t need love. Orphanages and old age homes would be the right places to visit. If we compare it to the latest pet service available, why not spend a few hours with these orphans or old people? They are so devoid of love, affection and care? It has been proved scientifically that any altruistic deed reflects in feeling happy and worthwhile. Instead of focussing on ourselves, if we focus on others who have almost no means to gratify their needs, we would help them feel so good about themselves and their situation.

Life is never perfect. Nobody gets everything one wants or longs for. Love included. Instead of wallowing in self pity about being in a loveless marriage, divert your energy to people/children who need it. You can make a difference to someone and that difference will make a difference to you. Become a ketchup for you might be told you are different!!