Start today, start now.

We all have plans. We have plans to lose weight and get fit, quit smoking, learn something new, eat healthier and diet, and on and on.

We all have plans; and for the majority of us, that’s exactly what they remain as – plans. There’s no execution, it’s all a dream in our heads.  It stays there, sometimes as happy thoughts, sometimes pressing, sometimes embarrassing and shaming us. It does a lot of things to us but it remains in our head as a plan and the first thought we have about it is, I’ll start working on it someday – someday that’s not today, it’s a day in the future.

Unfortunately, not a lot of us succeed at achieving our goals. We make plans, we think thoughts but never execute them. Maybe because we’re lazy but may be also because we’re waiting for a trigger, an external catalyst. Something substantial to start us off.

We wait. Pretexts could be: I’ll start next month, next year, when I get my next salary, when my savings go above a particular threshold, when I have a better means of transport, etc., etc. We’re all waiting for something that can give us a huge fillip, something that segments our current state and the future state we see ourselves in. We want to see a thick solid white line which we perceive how a start line to think plan looks like. We wait for the sort of explosion that is required to propel a rocket forward.

We’re not a rocket though and we don’t need a huge explosion to propel us towards where we want to go. All we need is a tiny spark, and that spark already exists if you’ve thought about something. If you’ve thought about getting out of debt and saving money, spend more time with family, travel to new places, be less stressed, to volunteer, to cut down on your alcohol intake, you already have had the spark. You don’t need a start line. You don’t need it to be the first of January. You don’t need to have that magic number appear in your bank account to start taking action.

All you need is today. All you need is now. And you have it. You have the moment, seize it and make it your thick solid white start line that you’ve been waiting for. There will never be a right day, there will never be enough money, there will always be first of January – except that there will be another one in a year’s time and that will seem more suitable than the one you’re looking at.

So, what do you think – can now be that start line?