We all want to be the best; our best; it’s not easy but it’s not impossible either.


Humankind has achieved feats that initially were inconceivable, then were thought of as impossible after they were first dreamt of, spoken of. Imagined. Most people actually believed that these were impossible but a certain breed of people didn’t. They dreamt they could, they believed they could. The came forward and did more. Achieved more. These achievers did better, went the extra mile and achieved beyond what was thought of as impossible.


That’s the pace of life, that’s the pace of innovation and achievement; that’s the pace of people who do things, go above and beyond. Do the crazy. They dream, they believe, they achieve. That’s what’s required if you are to be the best, better than best.


Were they all born believers? Were they all perfect?


No one is perfect.


We all have our limitations.



So, how do we go the extra mile? How do we do what no one else can? How do we better ourselves, become better than what we were yesterday? How do we achieve tomorrow what we couldn’t today, what we did not think was possible just some time ago?


We do exactly what the doers do.


We dream, we believe, we achieve.


We dream and we do it. That’s the beginning and the end. It’s the journey that’s terrifying. We start on the journey alone, sometimes we find a way, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we need validation, support and someone who believes in us.


We need a friend. Someone who knows us and has our best interests at heart. Someone who understands us. Someone who can drive us forward. Someone who can make us realise what our forte is and what we could do better. Someone who knows our innermost feelings, what we think; why we think what we think, what our drivers, fears and perceived limitations are. Who knows us, understands us, where we are and where we want to go. Who makes us believe and helps us succeed, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. This person is our confidante, our unflinching pillar. Makes us believe, gives us the strength, energy and belief to do better tomorrow than what we could imagine yesterday and found impossible the day before.


We all need such a friend. We all need a coach.