Quick fix your relationship

All relationships go through a cycle of peak, plateau and downhill. Specifically, marriages. After the initial euphoria, excitement and enamour start evaporating, people get disillusioned by either the marriage or the relationship they are in. Creating successful marriages is a skill based activity. Once the initial chemistry and the resultant powerful attraction wears off, couples need to create that chemistry again – through their behaviours. Since most people are clueless about how to go about it, their relationships suffer. All marriages need a huge amount of investment and hard work to make it work. If that sounds too tedious, here are a few tried and tested ‘quick fix’ solutions to revamp your relationship overnight. These are not ‘one size fits all’ methods but depending on the nature of your relationship, you can pick the ones applicable to you. And the best part about these remedies is you don’t need any co-operation from your partner.
Touch is very important. Simply holding hands can help your relationship become warm, comfortable and positive.
Never jump to conclusions. Some people have this tendency of presuming things which are not logical. They cannot differentiate between ‘one off’ and something recurrent. For example, if their phone call is not returned, they start presuming that their partner is losing interest in him/her. He/she is having an affair. Such people immediately start attributing such standalone events to permanent generalised thoughts. Before drawing conclusions, always try to place the blame elsewhere and not on your partner.
Always view a fight as a third person. Instead of taking a stand for yourself or your partner, if you view your fight neutrally, you are bound to be more objective about the entire issue. This will give you the right perspective on how to go about resolving it.
Gratefulness always pays. Listing down the things you are grateful for either about your relationship or your partner, generates a lot of positive feelings. Gratitude is the word to keep the love intact.
Celebrate some achievements. When your partner shares some small achievement about something at work or elsewhere, show all your interest and excitement to find out more. Being enthusiastic about your partner’s smallest of victories helps in the partner getting a lot more pleasure in sharing again in the future. This will help you come closer to each other.
These are time tested techniques which can help you develop the required skill set to quick fix your relationship. And we need these since feviquick or fevibond can’t serve the purpose.