Mother’s Day! Nay!

Yesterday must have seen a flurry of cards, flowers and gifts being delivered to mothers across the globe. Not to forget the handwritten notes expressing gratitude to the best mothers in the world, universe etc. I hope all mothers were made to feel special about being a mother.

I love my mother too. I admire her and can honestly hope that I do half of what she has done for me, not just as a mother but also as a person. I share everything with her. She is my “go to” person whenever I need an input on a situation and also when I have something exciting to share. She fearlessly points out what’s right for me without mincing or sugar coating her words.

With all of that said, I sincerely feel one day to celebrate a Mother’s Day is an insult to a mother. To mark one day out of 365 days is nothing but mockery. When a mother devotes every single day of the year to her child/children how selfish it is to dedicate one day to her.

There’s another reason which makes me feel otherwise about this ‘day’. It kind of resonates with my views on Valentine’s Day. In my opinion these so called ‘days’ are designed to discriminately showcase the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in the world of love and relationships. 

On Valentine’s Day, if one is single, one is not going to enjoy the V day celebrations or its extravagances like flowers, teddy bears or heart shaped motifs. So, when everyone around is fussing over their treats, there would be many who would fail to relate to it. The same applies to Mother’s Day. Not everyone is a mother – some out of choice, some out of no choice. Why would one be made to feel like a ‘have not’ just because one doesn’t have a child?

For those who didn’t feel celebratory yesterday, remember there are good qualities of a mother to honour in every woman. You don’t have to wait to become a mother to feel complete for you are replete (with much more).

However, I can’t help applauding all my readers who are mothers. Parenting is tough and given the stressful times of today, being a mother can be extremely daunting – even in the best of circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day, today and every day!