Mirror Your Age Within

There’s something called the mental age and there’s something called the chronological age.  The human intelligence quotient is calculated on the basis of these two. Emotional quotient which was trailing behind the IQ has gained momentum in terms of its significance. There is enough evidence to prove how essential it is to be emotionally competent, especially in today’s stressful day and age, taking a toll on so many individuals who aren’t self-equipped to deal with it. How many times have we come across a young person looking older that he/she actually is? Or how many times do we run into people who never look their age. It is as if they live in a time machine, defying the rules of aging. “Oh, look at her, she doesn’t look like a mother of a 14 year old.” Maybe its the soap, maybe it’s the genes or it could be neither. There are so many factors that play a role in keeping fit, looking and feeling younger.

When people say, 30s is the new 20s and the 40s is the new 30s, are they trying to evade from their actual ages and therefore the reality? Do they resort to this theory to protect themselves from their own age bug they are bitten with? No, not at all!  Looking and staying younger as opposed to one’s actual age is humanly possible. With longevity increasing world over and with astronomical medical advancements, health of population on an average has significantly improved. People are not just getting conscious about maintaining their physical health, even the mental health is focussed upon. With the world yoga day round the corner, once just cannot deny the benefits of yoga to reverse the aging. It has been proved that regular practice of yoga can have magical effect on one’s body. Not to forget the benefits that follow in maintaining a balanced mind. What about people who are not into yoga?

Well, for them and everyone else, Its all about the mind. When we have our mind in control, we can control almost anything and everything. Human beings on an average have fifty to seventy thousand thoughts visiting their minds in day. For a balanced mind these thoughts would be a mix of good and bad, positive and negative, of course with the scales tilting more towards the positives.  Positivity has a great influence on our aging process. A positive mind can act as a magic wand for a healthy body, diminishing the effects of physiological changes related to age. In a nutshell, it all depends on one’s attitude. And to cultivate the right attitude, one needs the right approach to create the right frame of mind with the right thoughts. It really isn’t any rocket science to create a healthy mind. Condition your mind to indulge in selective thought processing, mind de-cluttering and positive thinking through meditation, yoga or any form of exercise.  One cannot stop the natural course of aging, but why not delay it if it’s in our control? Mind control is equal to age control…