Has humour dried up from people’s lives? Too bad if it has. People resort to watching funny films and videos, comedy programmes etc. to tickle their funny bones – sheer dependence on synthetic humour. Why does humour have to be limited to only electronic medium or to an extent to print medium? Isn’t laughing out loud (over anything under the sun) also very therapeutic? Sharing a laugh with one’s family and friends has no substitute. And it can be about anything. A situation may not necessitate a laugh, but creating one out of nothing can be quite a hilarity. At times a glance exchanged with one’s favourite someone is enough to trigger a mighty laugh. It could have a past reference or no reference it all. It’s all about the humour rapport with the selected few.

There are people who get dismayed over nothing and there are others who can laugh at anything. There are people and there are people. One should never underestimate the benefits of laughter on one’s physical and mental well-being. It can be a universal elixir. With the mounting stress levels of people in today’s world, laugher can be the biggest stress buster. ‘Why take life seriously when nobody has come out of it alive’ stands so true here. But people have forgotten to live and laugh. Charlie Chaplin’s famous quote ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted’ should be the mantra followed by all.

Circulating jokes through platforms like WhatsApp remain the most sought after humour medium. People have become so engrossed in forwarding such content that they don’t find time to share a joke in person despite maybe sitting next to one. They continue living in virtual reality. A sad reality indeed. Mushrooming laughing clubs merely prove how difficult it has become for people to laugh. Laughing forcibly is still better than not laughing at all. And that’s the reason even the corporate world has seen a new escalating trend of clowning workshops. Earlier restricted to only hospital recovery zones, humour specialists are slowly finding their way through different fields. It has been found to be very effective in reducing stress, increasing creativity and lateral thinking and master the tightrope walking between hard work and light-heartedness at the same time.

Never underestimate the worth of conversations with people who make one smile and laugh. Nothing in the world can replace that rendezvous – be it in person, telephonic/verbal or written. It works wonders for one’s immune system. Laughing is the best medicine but even if you laugh without a reason you still don’t need any medicine in my view. Have a hearty laugh. It’s good for your heart…