Induced sleep or love – never recommended

According to the latest research news, scientists are in the process of developing a ‘love pill’. This magical pill can help you fall in or out of love. It is believed to help one deal with a heartbreak. It will produce effects similar to the chemical reactions which take place in the brain when in love and works accordingly.

Exciting? Falling and being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Not everyone falls in love all the time and so the very prospect of falling in love can be so exhilarating. Needless to say, it sounds so alluring that the newly developed drug would be hailed with open arms.

Looking at a larger picture, do you really think this would work? I am not questioning the functionality of the afore mentioned drug. What I am coming to is, can such induced love last? The closest analogy I can think of is induced sleep. We may get excellent sleep after popping a sleeping pill. But can such sleep last beyond a few hours? This kind of sleep can’t be compared with sound natural sleep. When struggling with sleep, one needs to pop a pill every night to get good sleep. Its effects are very temporary and can be habit forming, apart from the other side effects it carries.  If taken regularly, one may become so dependent that may never be able to sleep without it. Similarly, I do not know the composition of this new love pill on the anvil, but am very much against anything which is challenged by nature.

Falling in love is something so surreal, so beautiful. It happens naturally with someone you share a wonderful chemistry with. But with a love pill, you can control falling in love. It would be something deliberate. Almost a forced decision to act in a certain way. Forced feelings – defying one’s natural instincts.

Again, it is also supposed to mend a heartbreak. Now, as much as falling in love is beautiful, so is nursing a broken heart. The healing takes time, but during this time, one grows as a person. It involves rumination which leads to a lot of self-discovery. An enriching experience always taken otherwise. Some time on your own, without the presence of someone else is extremely liberating and conducive to one’s mental growth and health. It benefits the future relationships too. You come out a different person when healed.

Pop a pill when you fall ill. But to pop a pill to mend your ‘dil’ would certainly be a kill.