Glide like a kite in your relationship

Given the festival of Uttrayan today, all relationships resonate a rock and a kite to me – a unique union of strength and spirit. In my opinion, an ideal relationship consists of a ‘Rock’ and a ‘Kite’. A grounded and logical person who puts the head before the heart is a ‘Rock’. While, the ‘Kite’ is a free-spirited soul wanting to soar high, driven by emotions, impulses and instincts. Lasting relationships are made up of both. Hence every relationship should entail a ‘Rock’ and a ‘Kite’

A partner who is a ‘Rock’ is very dependable for almost everything. Such a partner is a guiding force, a doer and a “go to” person. Procrastination is seldom a part of their persona. “Rocks’ cannot relax without accomplishing their tasks or chores. They wouldn’t even hesitate to nudge their partners multiple times to complete theirs. In a nutshell, ‘Rocks’ are the hinges that form the basis of a smooth relationship.

“Kites” on the other hand are totally intuited with their gut and allow their emotions to rule them. Decision making is controlled by their gut feeling too. They are inherently relaxed about things in general. Regardless of whether all the boxes of their tasks are ticked or not, they can have fun. They focus more on the present rather than the future. “Rocks” are more future centric and are always focussed on making it secure. ‘Kites’ make relationships easy, interesting and fun.

As much as the “Rock” appears more sensible than the “Kite”, a successful relationship is a melange of both. Without the “Rock”, the relationship can go haywire with no sails to let it sail through. A relationship can get mundane by the absence of a “Kite”. It would lose the spontaneity and fun essential to stimulate a relationship. Like the magnetic force that pulls on ferromagnetic materials like iron, a ‘Rock’ and a ‘Kite’ create their own magnetic field of attraction.

I have observed people wanting to change their partners basis their own type. A serious, logical person would look down upon his/her partner misperceiving them as frivolous and immature. A fun loving ‘Kite’ would constantly feel their partner takes life too seriously and typecast the relationship. Trying to change your partner would be a recipe for disaster. Accept your ‘Rock’ or your ‘Kite’. Let the ‘Kite’ glide in a ‘Rock’-solid relationship. Happy Uttrayan!!