Getting along – an art one cannot cart from a mart

“Oh, I just cannot get along with my mother in law” – clichéd as it may sound, not getting along with one’s mother-in-law isn’t the only universal problem. There are innumerable people we don’t get along with.

What is the definition of ‘getting along’? It is an ability to deal freely and mostly naturally with all kinds of people. Why do some people beautifully get along with others while some don’t?  There are certain people whom we may not genuinely vibe well with. But if these don’t outnumber the number of people we hit off well with, we are on the right track. Why is it so important to inculcate this art if it’s lacking in us?

There are so many associations, acquaintances and relationships we come across in our day to day life. From parents to siblings, friends to spouses and in-laws, children to people at work and domestic help to many more, it does become imperative to get along. The latest trend of hiring life coaches to help one gain this extremely important skill merely proves how essential this is. One shouldn’t underestimate its power. It certainly makes life really easy going and stress free. Any tension in any of these connections can make things flaky.

Is this an inherent trait or an art? Can it be acquired or developed? Well, if one is not born with this valuable attribute, one certainly can learn and condition oneself into using it.


What are those characteristics required to get along with people?


1. Non-judgmental – These people generally don’t complain and crib. They are relatively more open minded and don’t judge people. They religiously follow the philosophy ‘to err is human’. They are more realistic and realize that no one is perfect including themselves.


2. Amicable – Friendly, polite and warm, their approach is pleasant towards people in general. They don’t become bitter with individuals around them. They are seldom rude. Such people believe that a simple smile from or to a stranger doesn’t cost anything yet can prove invaluable in terms of feel good factor.


3. Adaptive – We come across people of different stripes every day. Adaptive people know how to easily adapt and gel well with all kinds of people. They tend to adjust and basically do not consider it to be a task to remain amiable with everyone.


4. Positive – There are pessimists and there are optimists. Studies show that people with a positive outlook towards life are better at getting along with people. They tend to focus and magnify the positives and minimize the negatives. This is the key to any successful relationship – intimate, friendly or casual. Again optimists are large hearted and their motto is ‘to forgive and forget’. Jealousy doesn’t come easily to them.


5. Good listener- Last but not the least, good listeners normally get along with people. They are patient, not over bearing and easy. They can think from other people’s perspective and can put themselves in others’ shoes. It’s a trait not many people possess.


These five characteristics are very simple to imbibe in order to get along with people. Are you easy to get along??? If not, throw your dart on this art and…….. Bingo!!!