Adolescence – Awkward or Adorable?

A recent survey was conducted for adults to find out, if given a chance, would they want to regress to their adolescence period? An astonishing denouement concluded that majority of people were happy in their current phase and didn’t want to travel back in time to relive their adolescence.

Astounding as it may sound, this finding  simply proves how adolescence, a time seemingly full of fun and frolic is not considered the same by many. While adulthood is plagued with its own share of responsibilities and problems, carefree days of adolescence should ideally be tilting the scales in its favour. Why this distortion between the ideal and the actual?

Adolescence, a period between childhood and adulthood marks an important developmental phase in a child. It is a period of too many ‘firsts’. Independence is tasted for the first time as children become young adults. Hormonal and physiological changes highlight this phase. They almost take over the body. Simultaneous brain changes also affect their development.  It marks the beginning of the onset of maturity in these young adults. Relationships are formed at an intimate level. They get a flavour of romance. While closeness to peers increases manifold, parents are defied as never before.

This is an equally challenging phase for parents as well. Generation gap is at its optimum high.

Can this very difficult phase, as perceived by many, be turned into something memorable to cherish one’s entire life?

To start with, parents must realise that this is a period when they have to make a transition from being parents to friends. Half the battle is won if they adopt this attitude.

Due to various changes, mental and physical, adolescents tend to become sensitive about a lot of things.

Studies prove that sometimes depression manifested in adults has its roots in adolescence. Conforming to the norms of the society makes them frazzled. They feel offended adhering to the social standards, and start rebelling. This rebelliousness leads to disdain among parents to criticise their children and the vicious cycle continues. It is a ‘first’ for parents as well, and hence a learning curve. They should learn to give due independence to their children. Let mistakes and experiences become their teenagers’ biggest teachers. Parents should realize, gone are the days to control. Tact can wield much better control than authority.

A new bond should be formed to continue remaining close to these young adults. Talking and discussing with their wards to ward off any unwanted eventuality can really help.

Irrational optimist that I am, would like the next survey verdict to want adults to wind their clocks back to adolescence…. does this sound awkward or adorable???????