Trust your partner and not technology

Technology infused times have an apparent bearing on contemporary relationships. Thanks to it, courting couples are continuously connected – a boon and a bane indeed. Being connected feels phenomenal and how. But that hardly lasts. And technology is not the standalone factor for the short shelf life of that initial connect brimming with bliss. Technology users are equally responsible. Owning a cell phone and perching on some common social media platform doesn’t give its user the power to snoop on one’s partner all the time. The charm of waiting and longing to hear from that someone special dissipates in no time. Enquiring or reporting continuously about one’s whereabouts, status report etc can erode any relationship. Feeling stifled can turn the dynamics of the entire relationship. Courtesy, an overdose of connect.

Every relationship needs space. But most couples fear giving it generously since they have trust issues. Even without cell phones, relationships have blossomed and lasted since time immemorial. If people think, by keeping a watch on one’s partner one can refrain them from doing what they are doing, are completing mistaken. Where there is love and mutual respect, relationships are never compromised.

Trust is the basis of any relationship. It doesn’t come easy and takes years of investment. But the biggest mistake most couples make is to become vary about their partners from day one. Their insecurities trigger a behaviour which works inverse and comes in the way of developing trust. The partner being at the receiving end will eventually be convinced that he/she is not being trusted. Lack of trust can cause severe psychological impact on the relationship.

The bottom line is you can either trust someone or you can’t. Whether you can trust your partner or not can become evident in no time. If you can’t trust your partner, basis some truth, it’s not worth being with him/her. But it’s even worse to continue in a relationship and wanting to keep your partner under constant supervision. It will only drive you both crazy.

We know it’s very easy to forge or sever a bond through social media. WhatsApp’s ‘online’ or ‘last seen at status’ is known to make or mar relationships. But instead of the ‘last seen’ status, why not have ‘last seen with’ feature for our self-proclaimed ‘moral polices’? A word to the wise, use technology wisely otherwise…