Psychology of children and young people

Understand key mental health difficulties that affect children and young people at various stages of their development – physical and mental.Thereby develop a critical reflection on the nature and perception of typical and atypical development and psychological difficulties. Different psychological theories are applied in understanding their mental health and well being within a wider societal and cultural context.

Specialized counseling to foster resilience in children at risk from different kinds of adversities.

Expertise to  deal with children impacted by broken homes, help them cope with new life experiences and facilitate their adjustment in context to their prevalent circumstances.

If we parents accept that problems are an essential part of life’s challenges, rather than reacting to every problem as if something has gone wrong with universe that’s supposed to be perfect, we can demonstrate serenity and confidence in problem solving for our kids….By telling them that we know they have a problem and we know they can solve it, we can pass on a realistic attitude as well as empower our children with self-confidence and a sense of their own worth.’

— Barbara Coloroso