Lasting connection

Majority of people struggle with relationships. In fact, everybody does. The key to a successful marriage is to create a mission, a very clear mission to make your life with your partner, the most amazing. This one life we all have.  Problems begin when couples start taking each other for granted in no time. Instead when you start to learn more and more about your partner from day one you will create a beautiful union.

At the cost of sounding too giving, I feel gone are the days when you can focus on what you are not getting. Gone are the days when you can look for fairness and respect. Gone are the days when you can show your displeasure because your spouse is not doing things your way and gone are the days to be right all the time. What does your partner really need? What does he/she want to feel? What’s their kind of security? How would they feel truly loved and cared for? What kind of a life would he/she want? Learning to hear your partner when they speak, what they mean, what their fears and worries are can help them feel supported, safe and secure. A valuable lesson to remember. If both partners cultivate this attitude, they become invaluable to each other. If you are the husband, you must make your wife feel feminine and safe in your relationship. And if you are the wife you need to nurture your man in a way which makes him feel confident of protecting you while being himself.

Making your marriage a priority and your spouse one of the most important part of your life should be the essence. But people lose who they are in their marriage – they usually don’t continue being who they were when their partner first fell in love with them. This causes real problems.

A man and wife always think and behave differently. How you deal with life and problems can be different from the way your partner deals. Embracing these differences will give you the strength to create attraction.

Successful marriages just don’t happen. What makes a good marriage lies in the couple’s ability to create it together. By navigating your problems, differences, conflicts and stresses, you remain emotionally connected through a deeper understanding of each other. Don’t try to have the last laugh or the last word, make your connection last.