Flagship marriage or a marriage with a red flag???

The number of marriages is declining while the number of divorces is going up. However latest research shows that most divorces are not a result of big fights but rather a process that fades out a relationship gradually.

Majority of couples want their relationship to culminate into a marriage, thinking marriage is a bed of roses. When the motive to get married is wrong, the relationship ahead is going to be wrong. It will be dealt with in a wrong way as well. Marriage is about growing, evolving, learning and developing but when treaded upon the wrong way, it gets just the opposite and ends up stagnating and deteriorating. Marriage is daunting. It’s hard work and it is a 24×7 job.

It’s always better to be realistic to know some signs indicating trouble in one’s marital paradise. First and foremost being married and living like a single person is something to think about. When the future doesn’t include one’s spouse, one needs to find out if the marriage is going to stand the test of time. Enjoying time without one’s spouse is one of the biggest red flags to consider. When one loses interest to fix one’s marriage, it is almost a dead marriage. When contempt and criticism are expressed towards the spouse at the drop of a hat, there is a major relationship malfunction. When one cannot hold talks without arguing, it shows the sad state of marriage. Also, when there are zero arguments, it is equally worrisome. Both or either spouse has given up on the marriage. When one cannot or wouldn’t want to talk about one’s problems to one’s spouse, one should consider it over. When wanting undivided attention becomes a task, the relationship is in doldrums. Last but not the least, when one stops respecting one’s better half, it’s time to call it quits.

Instead of waiting eternally to either improve or end the relationship, dwell over your issues. Re-evaluate your relationship to find out where you stand. A marriage is a beautiful journey to be enjoyed together with your spouse, the person you spend maximum time with. If it becomes a drain, it’s time to convert the red flags into flags of truce.