How has your dating experience been?

Have you been euphoric after a splendid date that you just can’t get over it n can’t stop thinking about it?
has it made you lose sleep over it? a wonderful time at a date may not mean the same thing
to him or her as it feels to you. Can you recollect those dates in the past which resulted in you been ghosted
or slow faded out of it. This is Sagarika Shah here and i am going to help you understand the basics of dating
that can protect you from unrealistic expectations and disappointment.

So,did an amazing date make u feel connected brilliantly – emotionally and physically? And you thought the feelings were mutual
and reciprocated.
you were told you were phenomenal. Maybe, both of you discussed a future together and how lucky and blessed were you
two to have met each other. Probably you never felt this way before and this was the perfect mix you were waiting for.
But suddenly this person who was so into you disappears. What do you do? Think about a thousand reasons to find out the reason
for the disappearance. What could have possibly been the reason for such a retreat?
Did something you say or do go against you? was that person lying when saying things about you and your relationship?
How could you have been fooled by someone who sounded so convincing? Why would someone come on strongly only to exit without a reason?
But the bottomline is that such things happen and they happen pretty often.especially when the closeness increases too soon,
and it gives you a too good to be true kind of a feeling, you need to focus on the longer view.
What you need to realize is that when someone wants something serious and not frivolous with you, you would know it with
conviction. you will receive some form of communication after the date or if you have taken the lead to communicate,
you would know from the response that another date is on the horizon, real soon. you would plan to keep an evening or
a weekend free to meet up again. this is how its supposed to work when someone’s really serious about you. its not just talks,
its action.
Hence it doesn’t really matter if you have had a mindblowing date, but if you are left waiting for days after it, it’s only gonna blow you away literally. All you need to remember is that there is no correlation between what a person says on a date and what a person feels. I am not saying
that the person who said all good things was not quite deceiving you. Probably they were driven by the moment which made them say all beautiful
things. But those feelings were not good enough to last. The dynamics shared were not long term. You need to accept that people operate differently and experience dating differently.
Do not jump to conclusion till you have dated a person a few times. Say 4-5 times. If a person disappears in a couple of dates,
you ought to know, that person was not cut out to court you. looking beyond the first few dates is the key to having a happy relationship.
So, even if the first couple of dates were amazing, the conversations flowed, it clicked at various levels and the chemistry was super,
you need to understand, it may or may not be promising. Only after meeting a person quite a few times can help you understand the intentions
of a person about you.whether you are taken seriously or just as a casual hook up.