Don’t let the colour of your relationship fade

I have written about ghosting in the past – the sudden disappearance of one’s partner without a warning. Such individuals stop responding to texts or phone calls from their partners as they go into the oblivion.  They just exit, leaving their partner clueless. Close to ‘ghosting’ is ‘Sudden Fading’. Here the individuals plan their exit… Read more Don’t let the colour of your relationship fade

It’s never too late to communicate (the right way)

One of the key factors for a successful relationship is communication. Everyone communicates. Even couples in distress. What’s important is how effectively they communicate. Effective communication can be difficult since so many go around in circles trying to get their partner to see things their way or defend themselves from their partner’s attack. Communication by… Read more It’s never too late to communicate (the right way)


‘Always’ is one of the most popular or rather common words in the vocabulary of married couples. Anything and everything is attributed to ‘always’. E.g. every time there is an argument, either or both partners will say “I know you always say this” or anything done against the partner’s wishes is also responded with “you… Read more Always

Extra comes at a cost

According to experts, there are two types of affairs. The one in which people want to leave their primary relationship and the one in which they don’t. Experts also believe that people in the second category are at times not satisfied with themselves than with their primary relationship. Hence end up with an affair. There… Read more Extra comes at a cost