A word to the (wise) existing and aspiring parents

Parenthood for some is about following a protocol to have children within a certain time frame of marriage.  Supreme contentment follows a child’s birth. Culmination of one yet beginning of another phase. Parenthood is all about patience. Do you have the patience to deal with your child? Do you have the ability to understand their… Read more A word to the (wise) existing and aspiring parents

Right behaviour for the right relationship

It has been observed that individuals with dual personalities are more prone to relationship distress.  Such people function very differently in their inner circle of spouse, children, parents, close relatives and friends, vis a vis their outer circle. It’s as if they are two different entities in two different spaces. Partners of such people always… Read more Right behaviour for the right relationship

Quick fix your relationship

All relationships go through a cycle of peak, plateau and downhill. Specifically, marriages. After the initial euphoria, excitement and enamour start evaporating, people get disillusioned by either the marriage or the relationship they are in. Creating successful marriages is a skill based activity. Once the initial chemistry and the resultant powerful attraction wears off, couples… Read more Quick fix your relationship