Extra comes at a cost

According to experts, there are two types of affairs. The one in which people want to leave their primary relationship and the one in which they don’t. Experts also believe that people in the second category are at times not satisfied with themselves than with their primary relationship. Hence end up with an affair. There… Read more Extra comes at a cost

Lasting connection

Majority of people struggle with relationships. In fact, everybody does. The key to a successful marriage is to create a mission, a very clear mission to make your life with your partner, the most amazing. This one life we all have.  Problems begin when couples start taking each other for granted in no time. Instead… Read more Lasting connection

Attitude of gratitude

Last week I briefly wrote about people’s tendency to compare their marriage with other marriages. There can be a world of difference between what you see, rather perceive and what exists. How easy it is to paint a rosy picture of your relationship, despite a contrasting reality, courtesy social media. If this disposition to compare… Read more Attitude of gratitude

Don’t give up

A couple I met recently were on the road to divorce. They seemed pretty convinced about their decision to separate. Predominantly the wife. She told me she was done with her marriage. When I asked her, what made her attend this meeting if she had already made up her mind, she said her husband wanted… Read more Don’t give up

Is your partner a poor listener – you could be responsible

Very often I have seen women complain to me that their husbands just wont listen to them and that they are emotionally unavailable. This can leave them feeling disconnected, resentful and lonely.  Since communication is an inherent part of every woman, it is a critical part of building the relationship. It helps her feel safe… Read more Is your partner a poor listener – you could be responsible