It’s my life!!

The latest research suggests the young adults of today are in the process of redefining a lot of things – relationships included. No pressure from the society or people around them can force them to give up on their freedom. The current generation seems to echo the need to live on their own terms. They… Read more It’s my life!!

Live to forgive

The age-old adage ‘to err is human and forgive is divine’ is not as simple (to follow) as it sounds. Especially forgiveness, for it requires a sustained effort and commitment on the part of the person from whom forgiveness is sought. It’s not easy to ask for forgiveness either.  Everybody at some point in their… Read more Live to forgive

Watch your words

Words have the power to heal or hurt. Hurtful words can be emotionally degenerating. The irony is when such words are uttered by people we love, it hurts us even more. Communication through harsh words seems to be the order of the day. Rationalized thinking would try putting the love on a pedestal and consider… Read more Watch your words

Relationship by design

We are seldom conscious when we brush our teeth, apply a moisturiser or undertake any such mundane activity. Chores are generally performed mechanically. Apart from these nearly programmed rituals, a lot of   unconscious behaviour gets ingrained within us and forms into a pattern. While these behavioural patterns may seem helpful as they may not tax… Read more Relationship by design

Expect the unexpected

The nature of relationships solicits expecting the unexpected. At the onset of a relationship, when there are no expectations, the unexpected happens, leaving one pleasantly surprised. A newly courting girlfriend may not be expecting her boyfriend to go out of his way to plan a special surprise on her birthday.  She may also be surprised… Read more Expect the unexpected